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 Best SAP  ABAP training in Hyderabad


1) Data Dictionary (ABAP Dictionary)

  • Demo on Table Creation (Pre-defined type)
  • Demo on Table using Data Element (Using Top-Down Approach
  • and Bottom-up approach)
  • Demo on Structures (.include .and .Append)
  • Demo on Foreign key Relation
  • Demo on Views
  • Demo on Variable units and Currencies
  • Demo on Search Help
  • Demo on Lock Objects

2) Introduction to ABAP Programming

  • Demo on Write Statement
  • Demo on String Functions
  • Demo on Integer Functions
  • Demo on Different controls (radio buttons)
  • Demo on Structures
  • Demo on Internal tables
  • Demo on Classical report with Events
  • Demo on Classical report with Joins
  • Demo on Classical report using For All Entries
  • Demo on Radio buttons (using screen fields)
  • Demo on Radio buttons (using Screen structure)
  • Demo on Modularization Techniques
  • Introduction to Interactive Reports
  • Demo on Interactive reports using Hide method
  • Demo on Interactive reports using Get Cursor method
  • Introduction to Function modules
  • Introduction to ALV (ABAP List Viewer)
  • Demo on ALV in List Output
  • Demo on ALV in Grid Output
  • Demo on Grid ALV by Adding logo, User command, function codes
  • Demo on Hierarchial ALV
  • Demo on Interactive Hierarchial ALV Report
  • Demo on Blocked ALV

3) Module Pool Programming

  • Introduction to Screen Programming
  • Demo on Simple screen creation
  • Demo on Screen to Screen Navigation
  • Demo on Table Control With Wizard
  • Demo on Table Control Without wizard
  • Demo on Tab Strip control
  • Demo on List Box Control

4) Introduction to File handling

  • Demo on Uploading and Downloading data from the Program/File
  • Demo on Application server — Dataset
  • Introduction to BDC(Batch Data Conversion)
  • Demo on Call Transaction method with TXT File format
  • Demo on Call Transaction method using .CSV file format
  • Demo on call transaction method for background execution
  • Demo on call transaction method using Message handling
  • Demo on Call Transaction method for Error handling
  • Demo on Session method
  • Demo on LSMW(Legacy System Migration Workbench)

5) Introduction to Printing

Introduction to Smartforms

  •  Demo on Smartform without driver program
  •  Demo on Smartform with driver program
  •  Demo on smartforms for adding Customized logo
  •  Demo on Smartforms for adding Standard text
  •  Demo on smartforms for calculating Sub Totals
  • Demo on Smartforms for creating Bar Code Creation
  • Demo on Smartforms for Adding system fields etc.
  • Demo on Copies Window

6) Introduction to SAP Scripts

  • Introduction to SAP Scripts
  • Demo on Scripts using Driver program
  • Demo on Scripts using Without driver program
  • Modifying the standard scripts
  • Converting the SAP Script to PDF Format
  • Converting the Script to Smartform


1) Introduction to OOPS

  • Demo on Local Class
  • Demo on Converting a local class to Global Class
  • Demo on Global Class
  • Demo on Inheritance
  • Demo on Interfaces
  • Demo on Polymorphism
  • Demo on Abstraction
  • Demo on OOPS ALV(using Container Class)
  • Demo on OOPS ALV(using CL_SALV_TABLE)
  • Demo on Constructors
  • Demo on Exception Class
  • Demo on Event Handling

2) Introduction to Enhancements

  • Introduction to Exits
  • Demo on Field Exit
  • Demo on Customer exit
  • Demo on Menu exit
  • Demo on Screen exit
  • Overview of User exits

3) Introduction to BADI(Business Add-Ins)

  • Differences between BADI and Exits
  • Demo on Custom BADI
  • Demo on Menu BADI
  • Demo on Screen BADI

4) Introduction to Enhancement Framework

  • Demo on Explicit and Implicit Enhancements
  • Demo on Function module enhancements
  • Demo on Class Enhancements

5) Introduction to BAPI

  • Demo on Standard BAPI in SD/MM/FICO modules
  • Demo on Customized BAPI
  • Demo on Extension BAPI by adding a custom field in standard

6) Overview of BTE (Business Transaction Events)

7) Introduction to ALE & IDOC

  • Demo on Client to client application transfer
  • Demo on IDOC to XML Transfer
  • Demo on IDOC Filtering
  • Demo on Change Pointers
  • Demo on IDOC Administration(SARA)
  • Overview of IDOC Reduction