Best Data Science Course training in Hyderabad

Data Science Course training

“Derive Signal from Noise, and play the Music”

Introduction and Induction
BI Vs Data Science
Project Take-up
Data Science work flow
Advanced Excel
• Table Properties
• Pivot table
• Pivot Charts
• Conditional formatting
• Goal seek
• Data Table
• Descriptive Statistics
• Linear Regression
• Solver add-in
• Scenario Manager
• Correlation/Covariance
• Macros
• VB Script
• Sys defined Formulas
• User defined Formulas
• Data Connection
• Sparklines
• Merge/Append


• Bar Chart (Horizontal/Vertical)
• Pie Chart
• Radar Chart
• Pareto Chart
• Scatter Plot
• Waterfall Chart
• Box and Whisker Plot
• Line Chart
• Histogram

Power BI

• Clustering
• Association Rules
• Time series Forecasting Chart
• Box and Whisker Plot
• Venn Diagram
• Word Cloud
• Play Button
• Data Connection with Real time data
• Leveraging upon R Script (Power BI Desktop)
• Maps Integration

Python& R

Programming Basics
• Numbers
• Logic Expressions
• Variables
• Conditionals
• Loops
• Dictionaries
• Lists
• Randomness
• Changing Text
• Functions
o User defined
o System defined

Data Science basics

• Introduction to Python libraries
o Numpy
o Scikit-learn
o Pandas
o Matplot lib
o Xkcd
o Widgets
• Introduction to R libraries
o Ggplot2
o Stringr
o Plyr
o Weka
o Manipulate

• Import files from web, Google drive (.xls,csv,txt)
• Wikipedia API/ Twitter API
• Pivot data
• Slicing and dicing of data
• Visualization of data
• Dropping duplicate or null data
• Merge/Joins
• Filling missing data
• Feature selection
• Descriptive statistics
• Interacting with HTML and Web APIs
• Underfitting Vs Overfitting

Machine Learning Algorithms

o Linear Regression
o K-means Clustering
o Classification
o Decision Tree
o Random Forest
o Naïve Bayes
o Market Basket Analysis
o Anomaly detection
o Principal Component Analysis
o Support vector machine
o Nearest Neighbors

Text Analytics

o Sentiment Analysis
o Topic Classifier
o Textual Answer
o Semantic Import
Artificial Intelligence
o Chatbots
o Basic (FAQs)
o Advanced (Menu Creation, Booking Order, Payment Gateway)
o Tools: Flowxo, Dialog flow and Watson Conversations

Probability and Statistics

o Conditional Probabilities
o Computing Probabilities
o Calculation of expected value
o Understanding Probability in Games
o Introduction to Kaggle Competitions
o Microsoft Cognitive Services
o IBM Watson Analytics
o Wolfram Language – ML Module
o Jupyter Notebook
o GitHub essentials
o Google Collab Research
o Weka Explorer
o Freelancer Projects
o Azure Machine Learning Studio