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SAP FIORI -(Admin.,)

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Course Content:

Introduction to SAP & Net weaver Architecture:

  •  Overview of SAP
  •  Introduction to SAP NetWeaver
  •  SAP Architecture Fundamentals
  •  SAP Application server process – As     ABAP with List of Work Processes in   SAP
  •  SAP Architecture
  •  SAP GUI

 Operations in AS ABAP Systems:

  •  SAP AS ABAP Operations – Starting   SAP
  •  SAP AS ABAP Operations – SAP Logs
  •  SAP AS ABAP Operations – Shutdown   Checks

 System Configuration & Operation Modes:

  •  SAP Memory and Buffer Management
  •  Performance and Workload Analysis
  • Check and Trouble shooting:
  •  System Monitoring (List of all t-codes     explanation) and Troubleshooting
  •  Web Enablement & Communication in   SAP
  •  AS JAVA Architecture & Processes

 Transaction Processing in AS JAVA:

  •  Startup/Shutdown in AS JAVA
  •  System Administration in AS JAVA


 Security and Authorization:

  •  User Master & Authorization Object –     AS ABAP
  •  Role Management – AS ABAP
  •  User Information & Troubleshooting –   AS ABAP
  •  Concepts of User & Authorization – AS   JAVA
  •  GRC overview

HANA Administration
 Database Administration – SAP HANA DB:

  •  Introduction to Linux and vi editor
  •  SAP HANA Database Introduction
  •  SAP HANA Architecture
  •  SAP HANA Technical Overview
  •  SAP HANA Operations
  •  SAP HANA Administration and     Monitoring
  •  SAP HANA Backup and Recovery
  •  SAP HANA Scale out, High Availability   and Disaster Recovery BRUHAS   TECHNOLOGIES
  •  SAP HANA User and Role           Management
  •  Daily Checklist for HANA             Responsibilities
  •  Weekly Checklist for HANA   Responsibilities
  •  SAP HANA Lifecycle Management
  •  SAP HANA Migration with DMO

 SAP HANA Overview:

  •  HANA Journey
  •  SAP HANA Introduction (Architecture)
  •  Overview of HANA
  •  Introduction to HANA Studio
  •  HANA Installation (Theoretical)
  •  Basic HANA Administration (Stop / Start, File System / Logs Monitoring etc.)

 SAP Solution Manager Overview

SLD Concepts & Configuration:

  •  Landscape Concept
  •  SLD Concept
  •  SLD Administration
  •  Updating SLD
  •  Adding ABAP Systems to SLD
  •  Adding Java Systems to SLD

 SAP Marketplace:

  •  Overview
  •  How to generate OSS id and provide     access/ authorizations to others
  •  How to search S-Note and raise an   OSS message
  •  Open connection to SAP and maintain access data
  •  generate developer access key and object key
  •  SAP Support Backbone 2020

 Upcoming trends:

  •  LAMA
  •  SAP Leonardo
  •  SAP cloud introduction – overview

SAP Fiori Technology

 SAP S/4 HANA Security- Content Overview:

  •  Understanding the SAP Fiori Concept
  •  Understanding SAP Fiori Architecture   with S/4HANA
  •  Authorizations in S/4HANA Projects
  •  PFCG Roles for SAP Fiori
  •  Explaining SAP Fiori UI Authorization
  •  Explaining SAP Fiori OData     Authorization
  •  Explaining SAP Fiori Legacy   Authorization
  •  Describing Authorizations for S/4HANA   Project User
  •  Options for Transporting Authorizations
  •  Describing Transport Authorization   Components
  •  New Features for Role Development
  •  Analyzing SAP Fiori Applications in Roles

 One App for Multiple Back-End Systems:

  •  Defining OData Services for Multiple Back-Ends
  •  Integration Scenarios
  •  Understanding SAP Fiori Integration     Scenarios
  •  Understanding SAP Cloud Platform
  •  Integration Understanding
  •  SAPUIS Runtime Adaptation

 Reviewing SAP Fiori:

  • SAP Fiori Security- Content Overview
  • Understanding Implementation Planning

 Introduction to Fiori Structure:

  •  Fiori Architecture Fiori Landscape
  •  Hub model and Embedded Model –   Design
  •  Fiori Apps Library
  •  Pre-requisites for Fiori
  •  Fiori usability
  •  Fiori Version

 Type of Fiori Apps:

  •  Transaction
  •  Analytical
  •  Factsheet
  •  UI5 transaction apps

 Fiori Transaction / Authorization:

  • Different type of transaction for Fiori and S/4 HANA systems
  •  Catalogs
  •  Groups
  •  Configuration of Group and Fiori using     Fiori Launchpad and Using Fiori
  •  Content Management

 Roles and Authorization:

  •  Catalog roles and Technical Catalog
  •  Business role and Business Group
  •  Migration approach Greenfield, Brownfield
  •  Migration from ECC to S4 HANA

 Configuration of Fiori Apps:

  •  Transaction
  •  Analytical
  •  Factsheet Application

 Troubleshooting of Fiori apps Backend troubleshooting:

  •  Front end troubleshooting Authorization trace
  •  Relation between Fiori / HA