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              BW-HANA Module is the advanced module of SAP-BW Module in ECC 6.0 Version of SAP Software.  This Module is a specialized Module which deals with Analytics part of an SAP System.  Professionals who are working as Business Analysts etc., can learn SAP BW-HANA Module and can become a BW-HANA Consultant.   Candidates from all Academic backgrounds can learn BW-HANA Module and can become an SAP BW-HANA Consultant.

Who Can Choose The Course:



With Qualification

With Experience in:




Business Analytic Prof.,











Any Stream

Course Content:
Introduction of BW/4 HANA:
  • SAP BW/4 HANA overview
  •  BW/4 HANA Architecture
  •  Type of Info objects
  •  XXL Info object
  •  Type of adso’s
  •  adso like standard dso
  •  adso like write optimized dso
  •  adso like direct update dso
  •  adso like snapshot
  •  Open ads view
  •  Composite provider
  •  Master Data info object
  •  Info provider partion
  •  Semantic Group
  •  Data tiering
  •  DTIS (data transfer intermediate service)
  •  CDS views–on Table, Inner join, Leftouter, Rightouter jojns andparameters
  •  AMDP Routines
  •  Start, end and Expert Routines
  •  Transfer Rules
  •  Web cockpit for Data target admin technics
  •  SAP HANA business content
  •  Data Extraction
  •  Flat file Extraction
  •  S/4 HANA Data Extraction
  •  Master Data Extraction
  •  Business Content Extraction
  •  ODP Data source Extraction and ODQ
  •  Create BEX query in BW HANA Modler
  •  BO Reporting udtwebi
  •  Process chines
  •  Hierarchies
  •  Info source
  •  Semantic partition
  •  Data flow
  •  Currency conversion
  •  Unit conversion
  •  Open hub destination
  •  Document store
  •  Aggregation level
  •  Planning functions
  •  Planning sequence
  •  Manage data targets
  •  Explore dataflow
  •  Temperature Maintenance
  •  Bex query designing
  •  Filter
  •  Restricted key figures
  • Calculated Key Figures
  •  Structure
  •  LSA++ layered scalable architecture
  •  Staging area
  •  Corporate memory
  •  Virtual layer