SAP BASIS Module is considered as one of the Technical Modules in SAP. Eventhough no coding is involved in this Module it is known as a Technical Module only. BASIS Module basically deals With System Administration activities in an SAP Project. Professionals who are working in System Admn., area like System Administrators, Network Engineers etc., can choose this Module. Candidates from all Academic backgrounds can learn this Module and become an SAP BASIS Consultant.


Eligibility for a course typically depends on the following:

  1. Prerequisites: Required prior courses or skills.
  2. Level of Study: Undergraduate, graduate, or continuing education.
  3. Program Requirements: Specific to your major or program.
  4. Open Enrollment: Available to all students as an elective.
  5. Special Permissions: Might need instructor or department approval.
  6. Availability: Limited seats may give priority to certain students.
  7. Location/Delivery: Online or specific campus availability.

Check the course catalog or consult with an academic advisor for specifics.


Introduction to ERP:
• Introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning
• Types of ERPs
• Features of ERP
• SAP History and Modules of SAP
• Striking Features of SAP

Installation of SAP Software:
• Checking Installation Requirements
• Installing Hardware, Base Software and Configure the Network Install
• Central Instance
• Install Database Software
• SAP R/3 ECC 6.0 Installation Procedure
• Post-Installation Steps & Applying R/3 Help
• Licensing the SAP Installations

Architecture of SAP R/3:
• R/3 Basis Software
• Basics Architectural Groups
• SAP-System Central Interfaces
• SAP-Services with Dispatcher
• SAP R/3 Communication Protocols
SAP-User Administration:
• User Creation, Deletion, Change, Password reset and Lock/Unlock
• Mass User Management
• SAP User Information Maintenance
• User Groups mechanism
• Missing Authorization Management
• User Trace Mechanism
Security Authorizations and Profiles:
• Security authorizations and Profiles
• System Authorization objects
• Authorization check and Maintenance
• SAP-Tables and Reports
• System Profile parameters for managing User and Authorizations

Role / Profile generator Administration:
• Introduction to Roles and authorizations
• Types of Roles – Single/Composite and Derived roles
• Derived roles – Organization values
• Role Creation / Deletion / Change and Transports
• Role re-conciliation mechanism

GRC Tool Information:
• Sarbanes Oxley-Segregation of Duties
• Management Certifications (302)
• Management report on Internal controls (404) and Criminal Penalties (906)

Client Administration:
• Introduction to SAP Clients
• Client Creation, Deletion and Copy
• Local Client Copy
• Remote Client Copy
• Client Export / Import mechanism

Transport Management System:
• Overview of the Complete Process of Transporting
• Configure systems and Domain Control
• Configure transport routes
• Distributing and Verifying TMS Configuration
• Create Transport requests and Releasing tasks
• Monitor Transports and Repairs
• Transport rules and Transport errors
• Overview of R3 Trans Program

Computing Central Management System (CCMS):
• Monitoring Profile Parameters
• Define and assign Operation Modes
• RFC establishment
• Monitoring System Performance
• Work-Load Monitoring
• Work-Processors Overview
• Active User Monitoring
• Introduction to Background Jobs
• Define Background Jobs and Re-scheduling
• Analysis on cancelled background jobs
• Analysis on system-dumps
• Applying system messages

Spool Administration:
• Introduction to Spool and types of spools
• Install Local / Remote spools
• Configure and trouble shoot spool system
• Print request and Output requests mechanism

Patch Administration:
• Introduction to Patch and SNOTE
• Applying Patches’ and SPAM Updates
• OS level patch apply mechanism

SAP Administration for Oracle Database:
• Introduction to Oracle under R/3 environment
• Oracle Directory Structure for R/3 environment
• Database Mount / No mount stages

Real-Time environment with ticketing tools:
• Providing Real-time issues and Tickets/Cases
• End-user Missing authorization screenshots
• How to resolve the high priority issues


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