SAP UI5 Fiori Training in Hyderabad

SAP UI5 Fiori is Collection of Business applications tha can be written by sap to convey Frequently used sap functions like self-service tasks,workflow approvals, and information lookups. It is providing simple access across smartphones, desktops, and tablets.  SAP Fiori is an impressive initiative from SAP to provide a quicker and highly responsive user interface. SAP Fiori is used for the User Experience(UX) strategy Which comes with SAP.  SAP Fiori has to do with the front end / UI development. This procedure has various technologies under it like SAPUI5, Fiori Launch pad, Theme Designer etc

SAP Fiori is used progressive design principles for delivering simple and responsive experiences which are personalized and across different devices
from mobile phones to tablets and desktops. This is centered on supplying a user interface across varying devices.SAP UI% FIORI has a lot potential
Which it resolves the core problems SAP users have today. Bruhastech focuse on enhancing your skills on important  concepts of SAPUI5 and Fiori.
SAP UI5 is a HTML5 library package from SAP.It uses JQuery library as its core library and many other SAP specific libraries . Which it is used to develop fiori apps.

Bruhastech provides SAP UI5 Fiori Training. SAP UI5 Fiori Online training is designed by Real Time Industry Specialist, It Professionals.
We have a team of real-time experts so that they will share their real time past and current project experiences with students. which can help  students to get to real time industry experience and can even help in attending interviews with professional knowledge.

SAP UI5 Fiori Course

SAPUI5/FIORI Introduction

• Introduction of SAPUI5/FIORI.
• Project structure of SAP UI5/Fiori Application.
• Architecture of SAPUI5.
• Overview on MVC model.
• Overview of ODATA Services.
• Fiori Design Principles.
• Overview on End to End Data flow.

Introduction to SAP Fiori

• Creating Extension project for a standard fiori Application.
• View Modification.
• View Extension.
• Controller Extension.
• Exercise on Simple Fiori Application Customization.

Introduction to WEBIDE

• Creating Account in Hana trial.
• Features of WEBIDE.
• Creating Simple Application in WEBIDE.
• Consuming ODATA services in WEBIDE.
• Creating a Split APP Application in WEBIDE.
• Installing Personal WEB IDE.

• Statements and Comments.
• Finding Errors.
• Variables, Scope of Variables, Data Types.
• Operators.
• Functions, Functions with Parameters.
• Function with Multiple Parameters.
• Statements if, else, nesting if, Complex Conditions, Switch.
• While loop, for loop.
• Strings, String Methods.
• Arrays, Array Methods.
• Objects, properties and methods.
• Referencing elements in JavaScript.

Introduction to View & Controllers

• Creating a view.
• Understanding the view’s Controller.
• Understanding the Controller’s Hook methods.
• Exercise on Creating a sample view and Implementing controller methods.

Working with various properties of basic UI elements

• Working with different properties of basic UI elements.
• Dynamically changing the properties of the UI elements.
• Exercise on Dynamically changing the properties of the UI elements.
Navigation between the Pages

• Over view on navigation.
• Introduction to sap.m.App.
• Adding pages to the App.
• Exercise on Navigation between the pages.

Introduction to Different Layouts

• What is a Layout.
• Various Layouts in SAP UI5.
• Working with Simple form layout , Block layout , Grid Layouts, Object Page Layout
Dynamic Page Layout.

• Exercise on Creating a Form Using various layouts.

Validating the User Input

• Types of Validation.
• Exercise on Mandatory data validation.
• Exercise on valid data and time validation for Input fields.
• Exercise on Showing red color input field and error messages.

Message Handling

• Various types of Messages in SAP UI5.
• Showing Error, SUCCESS, Warning , Information Messages.
• Exercise on Showing various messages in SPA UI5.
Passing data from one view to other

• Different ways of passing data from one view to other.
• Exercise on Passing data from one view to other.

Playing with Different UI Element

• Overview on different Categories of UI elements like (simple, value holders, complex,
layouts, dialog etc ..).

• Reading data and setting data to the UI elements.
• Exercise on Working with various UI elements.

Different Kinds of Models

• JSON Model.
• OData Model.
• XML Model.
• Resource Model.
• Sample exercise on different models.


• Types of different Bindings.
• Understanding the Binding Concept.
• Binding the UI elements with model.
• Exercise on Binding the UI elements with Model.

Split App Application

• What is Split App.
• Creating a Split APP Application by consuming ODATA service.
• Creating multi-flow pattern application.

Working with Popup Dialogs.

• Creating a popup dialog and F4 Help and Search Helps.
• Exercise on Messages and Dialogs.

Real Time Project Object

• Consuming ODATA Services based on requirement .
• VALUE Help Dialog, Suggestions and Search Helps.
• Sample example of M Table and UI Table and Analytical Table.
• Displaying PDF in UI5 Application.
• Sending the Email and Gmail from Ui5 Application.
• Using SMART Controls in UI5 Application.
• Launchpad Configuration and Theme Designing.
• Different types of Model data to a single control.
• Real time Functional & Technical Documents.
• Adding Custom CSS Styles to Custom and Standard Applications.
• Support Project Tickets.
• Configuring the Standard FIORI Application.


• Introduction of Sap Netweaver Gateway.
• Overview of OData and REST Protocols in SAP Netweaver Gateway
• Structure of OData Service &Activating sap Netweaver Gateway.
• Connecting Sap Gateway to Backend System.
• Model your first OData services.
• Implement and Registering OData services.
• Testing the OData services in REST.
• Developing the Header and Line item data in odata service.
• Association and Navigation concept in Odata services.
• Update and Creatingdata in Back-End using Odata service.
• Build OData services using RFC and BAPI in SAP Netweaver Gateway.
• How to install OData Modeler in sap ui5.
• Function Import in Sap OData services.
• Creating Odata Model using Odata Modeler.
• Odata Query options in Sap Netweaver Gateway.
• $Filter, $order, $top & $skip,$inlinecount ,$Skiptoken and $expand Query
Option in Sap Odata services.

• Deep Insert &ETagin Sap Netweaver Gateway.
• Using Search Help in Sap Netweaver Gateway.
• Important T-codes in Sap Netweaver Gateway.
• How to consume External Odata & Hana XS Odata services in Sap Netweaver Gateway.
• Creating ABAP CDS views in Sap Netweaver Gateway.
• ABAP CDS View using Mapping Editor in SEGW.