SAP SD Training Institute in Hyderabad

SAP SD Training in Hyderabad. SAP SD Stands for Sales and Distribution which is an integral part of sap. SAP’s SD Course is one of the core modules of the R/3 products and is one of the most used products of all. Here One can manage the client orders, support, master data of the clients, distribution of the goods among many other aspects post-marketing. Similar to the SAP CRM, you would be handling all of the data of the sales that go about the company and monitor the distribution protocols too.

SAP SD is examine as the most important ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) this will observe and stores the Customer related and product data.  all these stored data is used to manage features like sales orders, shipping, billing, and invoicing of their goods and service. SAP SD also manage with products planning, plant maintenance, quality management material management.

We Cover All major topics involved in the SAP SD Training. The Students in Bruhastech will learn how to deal with pre-sales activities, sales order,
distribution of shipments, billing process, and generating customer invoice, and user transaction customization, user exits, pricing etc. Our team of Expert trainers will explain and demonstrate how to configure the major topics of SAP SD. We provide Best SAP SD Training with Certified and Real-time Experts and also Job oriented Training with 100% Placement Assistance.

SAP SD Training

Session 1: Introduction

1. Introduction to SAP
2. Landscape of SAP
a. Two-System Landscape
b. Three-System Landscape
3. Architecture of SAP
4. Introduction to SAP SD
a. Sales Area
b. Sales Organization
c. Division
d. Distribution Channel
e. Sales Group
f. Sales Office

Session 2: Enterprise Structure

1. Introduction to Organization Structure
2. General Sales and Distribution Structures
3. Definition and Assignment of Organizational elements
Session 3: Master Data in Sales and Distribution process
1. Customer Master Data
a. General Data Section
b. Company Code Data Section
c. Sales Area Data Section
2. Account Groups
3. Number Ranges
4. Material Master Data
5. Customer Material Info Record
Session 4: Sales Documents
1. Sales Document Header Category
2. Sales Document Item Category
3. Sales Document Schedule Line Category

4. Inquiry
5. Quotation
6. Standard Order
7. Cash Sales
8. Rush Order

Session 5: Customer Complaints

1. Customer Returns
2. Debit Memo Request
3. Credit Memo Request
4. Free of charge Delivery
5. Subsequent Free of Charge Delivery

Session 6: Basic Functions


a) Pricing Process:
• Condition Tables
• Access Sequence
• Condition Types
• Pricing Procedure
• Pricing Procedure Determination
• Condition Record Maintenance
b) Condition Supplement
c) Item Conditions
d) Header Conditions
e) Palette Discounts & Surcharges
2) Free Goods Determination
a) Inclusive Method
b) Exclusive Method
3) Revenue Account Determination
4) Partner Determination
5) Output Determination
6) Material Determination
7) Material Listing / Exclusion
8) Credit Management
9) Route Determination
10) Tax Determination
11) Incompletion Procedure
12) Transfer of Requirements (TOR)
13) Availability Check

Session 7: Delivery

1. Delivery Document Header Category
2. Delivery Document Item Category
3. Number Ranges
4. Shipping Point Determination
5. Delivery Scheduling & Transportation Scheduling
6. Packing

Session 8: Billing

Session 9: Special Business Process

1. Intercompany Sales
2. Third Party Order Processing
3. Individual Purchase Order

Session 11: Cross-Functional Integration

1) FICO Integration with SD Module:
a. Tax Determination
b. Credit Management
c. Revenue Account Determination
d. Delivery
e. PGI (Post Goods Issue)
f. Billing
2) MM Integration with SD Module:
a. Transfer of Requirement (TOR)
b. Availability Check (OR)

Session 14: Cross-Applications

1. ASAP Methodology :
a. Project Preparation
b. Business Blue Print (BBP)
c. Realization
d. Final Preparation
Go-Live & Support

Session 15: S/4 HANA – Overview