Best SAP-GTS Training in Hyderabad

(I) SAP GTS Modules Overview:

1) Compliance Management
2) Customs Management
3) Risk Management
4) Electronic Compliance Reporting
5) Global Trade Trends & SAP GTS
6) Implementation of GTS with an R/3 Back end system
7) Setting up communication in R3 server

(II) Data Replication between ECC to GTS:

(1) Replication of Transactional Data:

 Transfer of Sales Documents
 Transfer of Delivery Document
 Transfer of Billing Documents

(2) Replication of Master Data:

 Transfer of Customer Master Data
 Transfer of Material Master Data
 Transfer of Vendor Master Data

(III) GTS Organization Structure:

(1) Basic Settings:

 Defining FTO
 Assignment of Organisational Units
 Defining Legal Units
 Assigning Legal Units to FTO
 Transportation of Legal Units to Downstream Systems
(2) Partner Structure
(3) Document Structure
(4) Legal Regulations:
 Country Groups
 Determination Procedures for Legal Regulations
 Activation of Legal Regulations

(IV) Compliance Management:

(1) Sanction party List Screening
(2) Embargo Check
(3) Legal Control

(V) Customs Management:

(1) Product Classification
(2) Customs Processing:
 Customs Export Declarations
 Customs Import Declarations
(3) Trade Document Services
(4) Communication with Customs Authorities
(5) Defining Default Data Procedures
(6) Incompletion Control Settings

(VI) Risk Management:

(1) Preference Determination
(2) Letter of Credit (LC)

(VII) Electronic Compliance Reporting