Best SAP-BW/BI Training in Hyderabad

Business Intelligence: Overview

• Integration, Storage and Management of Data
• Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL)
• Data Storage and Data Flow
• Data Analysis and Planning
• Online Analytical Processing
• Data Mining
• Business Planning
• Tools for Accessing and Visualizing Data.
• Query Design
• Web Application Design
• Publishing BI Content
• Broadcasting Data

Data Warehousing:

• The Data Warehouse Concept
• Using a Data Warehouse
• Architecture of a Data Warehouse
• Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)
• Building and Running a Data Warehouse
• Data Warehousing Workbench – Modeling
• Data Flow in the Data Warehouse

Data Acquisition:

• Source Systems

Step-by-Step: Data Model for SAP/NON-SAP:

• Namespaces for BI Objects
• Creating Catalogs/Info Areas
• Creating Characteristics
• Creating Key Figures
• Creating Info Cubes
• Creating DSO’s
• Creating Data Sources for Master Data
• Creating Data Sources for Transaction Data
• Creating Transformations For Master Data
• Clients in BW
• Naming Conventions for Background Jobs

BI Suite: Business Explorer

• Query Design: BEx Query Designer
• BEx Web
• Analysis & Reporting: BEx Analyzer
• General Analysis Functions in BEx
• General Services in BEx
• Information Broadcasting
• Integration Content from BI into the Portal
Performance Problems and Solutions
Security & Authorizations

In ECC System

• Introduction to ECC System
• Configurations in ECC System for BW/BW Data Extraction
• Types of Data Sources
• Installation of Data Sources
• Configuration of Data Sources
• LO Lockpit Configuration
• LO Lockpit Customization
• Data Source Enhancements
• Generic Extractors/Data Sources
• Transports
• Creating Transformations for InfiCubes/DSO’s
• Creating Master Data directly in the System
• Loading Master Data for Characteristic
• Loading Transaction Data
• Data Flow Display
• Persistent Staging Area
• Remodeling Info Providers
• BI Content
• Error Analysis in Transformations
• Routines in Transformations
• Migration of Update Rules, 3.x Info Sources, and Transfer Rules
• Old Transformation Concept
• Rule Type
• Aggregation Type
• Rule Group
• Info Sets

Data Distribution:

• Data Transfer Process
• Data Mart Interface
• Open Hub Service

Data Warehouse Management:

• Performance Optimization in Data Warehouse
• Process Chains: Local/Metachain
• Remote Process Chains
• Jobs Scheduling in Source and BW/BI Systems
• Monitor for Extraction Processes and Data Transfer Processes
• Administration of Info Providers
• Administration of BI Metadata Search
• Transporting BI Objects, and Creating, Delivering and Copying BI
• BI Statistics
• BI Background Management , Logs and Tools

Error Handling in ECC and Additional Information

Additional Stuff:

• Introduction to Business Objects
• Interview Tips
• Resume Preparation
• Mock Interviews
• Project Work